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We are happy to discuss undertaking any stone masonry project in and around the Bristol area. Although we are general stone masonry experts, we also specialise in certain aspects of stone masonry.

Stone Restoration

& cleaning

The most obvious reason for cleaning stonework that has become soiled over time is to improve its appearance, but cleaning is also vital because dirt, paint, lichen, moss and algae on the surface can cause damage, affecting the porosity of the stone, even resulting in decay and cracking.

Heritage stone structures and buildings in our cities, in particular, are subject to damage and decay caused by weathering, acid rain, and even birds pecking at the stone in a quest for salt.

The A. M. Pike Masonry Contractors team have the knowledge and expertise to identify which chemical agents and cleaning methods should be used to clean stone sensitively, and to make any repairs to stonework so using appropriate matching methods and materials.

Call A. M. Pike Masonry Contractors to arrange a site survey for a one-off or regular professional cleaning and repair of your precious stone building or monument.

headstone crafting

& maintenance

When you lose a loved one there is a measure of comfort in being able to mark the passing by commissioning the crafting of a stone gravestone, headstone or memorial tablet to be erected in enduring loving memory of the departed.

Adrian Pike has decades of experience in assisting families with the important process of choosing the features of an appropriate and respectful memorial, crafting and engraving it with care, and ensuring it is placed at the grave, crematorium or garden of remembrance, where future generations can visit to pay tribute to their ancestor.

Sadly, many of our graveyards are littered with damaged headstones which have fallen victim to weathering, subsidence and even, perhaps, vandalism. To prevent this, we offer an affordable maintenance and renovation service, which involves tasks like re-cutting inscriptions, cleaning, fixing or installing a kerb edge and polishing the stone, re-levelling or repairing cosmetic damage. Call A. M. Pike Masonry Contractors to arrange a sympathetic consultation.

Memorial & monument

building & maintenance

Since time immemorial stone masons have been crafting iconic structures – think of Stonehenge and the Giza Pyramids – combining artistry with the skills of craftsmanship, geology, engineering, architecture and construction. The team at A. M. Pike Masonry Contractors utilises all these skills to design, create and install stunning memorials, proudly taking on all sorts of commissions from organisations and local authorities requiring structures to commemorate individuals and events.

Besides producing new memorials, A. M. Pike Masonry Contractors also takes care of many old ones, lovingly preserving, restoring and maintaining monuments and war memorials in Bristol and surrounding areas.

Whether you require a new memorial or monument, or the restoration of an existing one, Adrian Pike and his team have the expertise, talent and passion to bring to your project.

No Obligation


For stone structures, stone sculpture, monumental masonry, stone cleaning and restoration in Bath or Bristol, contact A. M. Pike Masonry Contractors for a no-obligation quotation.