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We undertake any stone masonry project in and around the Bristol area.

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Natural stone is elegant, timeless, beautiful and durable, which is probably why it has been the building material of choice throughout history, particularly popular through the ages for constructing the monuments and epic structures mankind has erected to endure forever.

Working with stone requires passion, patience, perseverance and a wealth of knowledge. These are all qualities to be found in abundance among the small but dedicated team of stone masons and stone restorers at A. M. Pike Masonry Contractors of Bristol.

Adrian Pike and his highly trained and talented band of stone devotees have 40 years’ experience creating and caring for stone structures in the cities of Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas.



A. M. Pike Masonry Contractors are renowned for their exceptionally fine hand-crafted memorial headstones and other commemorative stonework, made of granite, marble or limestone, and their ability to work sensitively with the famous local Bath Stone.

They also specialise in professional stone cleaning, restoration, and repair with the emphasis on maintaining head stones and memorials, protecting them against weathering, discoloration, moss and mould, soiling and erosion. In addition, A. M. Pike Masonry offer the allied services of graffiti removal and grave tending.

Adrian and his team of creative craftsmen will expertly undertake any form of stone masonry project, large and small, both domestic and commercial, contemporary or historic, in the Bristol area or anywhere else in south west England.

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For stone structures, stone sculpture, monumental masonry, stone cleaning and restoration in Bath or Bristol, contact A. M. Pike Masonry Contractors for a no-obligation quotation.